The 2024 Festival will be hosted on March 8, 9, and 10, 2024.

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All film selections and programs are subject to change without notice.

Program A - Friday, March 8, 2024, Evening: Doors open at 7:00PM, program starts at 7:30PM

Program B - Saturday, March 9, 2024, Afternoon: Doors open at 1:30PM, program starts at 2:00PM

Program C - Saturday, March 9, 2024, Evening: Doors open at 7:00PM, program starts at 7:30PM

Program D - Sunday, March 10, 2024, Afternoon: Doors open at 1:30PM, program starts at 2:00PM

Program A

Friday March 8, 2024 7:30 PM (Doors at 7 PM)

All film selections and programs are subject to change without notice.


(2023, Canada, 9 min)

Filmmaker: Clay Mitchell, Simon Shave, CK9 Studios
Advisory: Coarse language

Film Synopsis:The Blondes, three strange animals. Who are they? What are they thinking? Are they naturally Blonde? A film highlighting the ski crew the Blondes through their friendship and adventures in skiing and in life.


(2023, USA, 10 min)

Filmmaker: Greg Cairns, Cairns Film
Advisory: Coarse language

Film Synopsis: Few river guides ever get the chance to drive Idaho’s iconic sweep boat. Driving Sweep follows Katie Veteto as she learns how to “drive sweep” down the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. She’s learned the rapids and the river. Now she learns to drive 4,000lbs down steep rocky rapids.


(2022, USA, 6 min)

Filmmaker: Daniel Mitchell, Kelsey Ferguson, BLK ELK Media
Advisory: Coarse language

Film Synopsis: Meet Dani Reyes-Acosta: a mountain athlete, land cultivator, and storyteller whose path consistently seeks the limits of her possibility. Ticking off climbs and splitboard lines across South America, cultivating her role as a legacy Coloradoan, and setting the course for the future of outdoor access in remote communities, Dani is a visceral example of how self-care and self- determination can harmonize via the outdoors.


(2023, Canada, 40 min)

Filmmaker: François-Xavier De Ruydts, Jenny Rustemeyer, Cold Fingers Films
Advisory: Coarse language

Film Synopsis: In a remarkable year, two gritty teams of hobbyist cavers are poised to break records for the longest and deepest caves in Canada. After discovering a flooded underground chamber, Katie, a daytime accountant, becomes obsessed with returning to the Bisaro Anima cave in the Rockies to push the caving depth record. At the same time, a passionate Vancouver Island team is attempting to link two tunnel systems to create the longest known cave in the country. From abyssal, muddy crawls to heart-pounding, vertical pits, and underwater squeezes, these are places where no person has been before.



(2023, Canada, 3 min)

Filmmaker: Scott Secco, Scott Secco Films
Advisory: None

Film Synopsis: If you don’t have role models to look up to, it’s harder to progress as a rider. Georgia Astle grew up chasing her older brother. “If he could do it, I could do it” she figured. She got comfortable “flipping the switch” and pushing against the clock. Watch Georgia Astle explore some of British Columbia’s most striking landscapes, on a search for terrain to push her riding, inspired by a rising tide of female freeriders around the world.


(2023, USA, 18 min)

Filmmaker: Nicole Gormley, Nancy Kwon, Kevin Hoban, Peter Goetz, Monika McClure, Alex Lowther, Jaeha "Thomas" Kim, Min Chul Shin, Sooyoung "Suzy" Kim, Backroads Pictures
Advisory: None

Film Synopsis: After Jaeyoun Kim, a native of Mara Island in South Korea, moves to Seoul to pursue corporate work, she struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts. She decides to return home where generations of women in her family have worked as haenyeo, free-diving “mermaids” who harvest seafood from the ocean floor for a living. Weaving Kim’s narrative with pensive, deeply immersive dive cinematography, directors Nicole Gormley and Nancy Kwon tell a story of homecoming, and how nature can bring us back to self when we’ve lost our center.


(2023, Sweden, 8 min)

Filmmaker: Marcus Ahlström, Mattias Fredriksson, Stellar Equipment
Advisory: None

Film Synopsis: Adrien Grabinski needed a change. After a successful ski racing career that took him from the Alberta team to the Canadian national team as a junior, he ventured further west. He discovered his true calling at Shames Mountain, a remote little co-op non-profit ski area near Terrace, B.C. The mountains, the snow, and the big lines first captivated him, but the local ski community truly stole his heart.


(2023, USA, 12 min)

Filmmaker: Anna Wilder Burns, Morgan Sliff
Advisory: None

Film Synopsis: Frank Paine is a 73-year-old South Bay icon and humble local legend whose life orbits around a two-block stretch of beach. His unforgettable mustache and magnetic spirit are what most first notice, but Frank’s layers expose a depth that might answer some questions that surfers continually ask themselves. Surfing, which, for some, becomes lost in isolation, is made whole again with Frank.


(2023, USA, 23 min)

Filmmaker: Josh Lowell, Zachary Barr, Reel Rock
Advisory: Coarse language

Film Synopsis: 29-year-old French sport climber Seb Bouin has been quietly working his way through the elite grades, culminating in his attempt to establish a long pitch through an overhanging cave in the Verdon Gorge of France. His proposed line is so futuristic, the moves so improbable, that if Seb can put it all together it may be the most difficult route ever climbed.


(2023, France, 4 min)

Filmmaker: Jean-Baptiste Chandelier, Marine Pascal, EURL JB Chandelier
Advisory: Coarse language

Film Synopsis: Jean-Baptiste Chandelier takes his unique low-flying, ground-skimming art combining paragliding and filmmaking to a whole new level.

Program B

Saturday March 9, 2024 2:00 PM (Doors at 1:30 PM)

All film selections and programs are subject to change without notice.


(2023, France, 7 min)

Filmmaker: Pierre Henni, Kilian Bron
Advisory: None

Film Synopsis: An ode to escape and adventure travel, Fuego is a new mountain biking masterpiece. From Guatemala to Peru via Bolivia, the team scoured the most beautiful spots for two months bring back breathtaking images. Kilian Bron rides from the foot of the Fuego volcano the day before its historic eruption, to the colourful facades of Barrio Chualluma in La Paz, through the geological formations of the Valle de las Animas to an unforgettable meeting with the Cholitas Escaladoras.


(2023, USA, 27 min)

Filmmaker: Santino Martirano
Advisory: Coarse language

Film Synopsis: Doctors gave him until age twenty-five to live and now 10 years after his expiration date, he is still climbing. Klaas Willems is a Rock Climber who, due to his Cystic Fibrosis, has dedicated his life to climbing in clean air. He has bolted hundreds of routes in non-polluted areas like Sardinia, Italy and found great success and peace in the process. His journey takes on a new dimension when he is also diagnosed with cancer.


(2023, USA, 9 min)

Filmmaker: Chelsea Jolly, David Herasimtschuk, Jolly Productions
Advisory: None

Film Synopsis: Join JoJo Nyaribo, a young nature lover and wildlife advocate as he explores the meaning of biodiversity and stewardship in his own backyard. This story weaves together Jojo’s love for the natural world with his journey in learning about, and fighting against, a specific fungus that has been wiping out a staggering number of amphibians around the globe. What is JoJo’s role in preventing the spread of this fungus? Through small actionable tasks as simple as cleaning his own running shoes and educating his friends and family, Jojo believes we can all make a difference.


(2023, Canada, 30 min)

Filmmaker: Seth Gillis, Aline Mayerhoffer, Sandy Ward
Advisory: Coarse language

Film Synopsis: Two young brothers from the Lil'wat Nation set out to ski the sacred mountain they were raised beneath, pushing both themselves and their culture to evolve.



(2022, Canada, 12 min)

Filmmaker: Joel Fuller, Michael Overbeck
Advisory: None

Film Synopsis: One step at a time, the trail-running community is constantly moving upward. In recent years progression has vaulted forward, with runners blending inspiration from the world of alpinism, rock climbing, and running and tackling technical terrain in a way we’ve never seen. Follow along as Emma Cook-Clarke and Jesse McAuley dig deep on the west peak of Ch'ich'iyúy Elxwíkn, the Twin Sisters (or the Lions), an iconic Sea to Sky trail.


(2023, USA, 23 min)

Filmmaker: Erich Roepke, Jessica Baker, Rachael Burks, Going Greenland Production
Advisory: Coarse language

Film Synopsis: What happens when you combine a renewable energy sailboat with an arctic ski expedition in Greenland for the first time ever? Athletes Rachael Burks and Jessica Baker put the idea to test and endure a both harrowing and inspiring journey along Greenland’s West Coast fjords and towering mountains. What ensues is an inspiring and formidable journey as compromise and progress go hand in hand.


(2023, USA, 10 min)

Filmmaker: Mallory Duncan, Patrick Elmore, Uhuru Mountain Collective
Advisory: None

Film Synopsis: A skier contemplates his connection to skiing and the mountains. As he hurries through the streets of L.A., his path takes a turn after bumping into a jazz musician who helps him discover the correlation between jazz and skiing—an expression of art, skiing, and Black culture.


(2023, United Kingdom, 20 min)

Filmmaker: Natasha Brooks, Leo Houlding
Advisory: Coarse language

Film Synopsis: Not your typical family holiday, but this is not your typical family. Leo Houlding, his wife Jess, their two children Freya (9yrs) and Jackson (5yrs) climb Norway's national mountain via a 2,000ft big wall.

Program C

Saturday, March 9, 2024 7:30 PM (Doors at 7 PM)

All film selections and programs are subject to change without notice.


(2023, USA, 4 min)

Filmmaker: Nathan McBride, NVisualMedia
Advisory: Coarse language

Film Synopsis: Paramotoring is a niche, largely undocumented, and little-known flying sport. This piece brings it to light in a rightfully epic way. Shot over 6 days, with multiple paramotor pilots, Desert Wings highlights some of the most dramatic desert landscapes in the American Southwest.


(2023, France, 15 min)

Filmmaker: Alex Lopez, Riding to Explore
Advisory: None

Film Synopsis: Armelle Courtois and Martin Thomas seek out the highest glacial lakes – over 5,000m above sea level – to try and break the altitude record for kitesurfing. Their sporting challenge quickly takes on a new objective: to raise awareness about the consequences of melting glaciers and inspire change.


(2022, Canada, 12 min)

Filmmaker: Joel Fuller, Michael Overbeck
Advisory: Coarse language

Film Synopsis: This short film tells the story of JoJo Das, a runner, climber, and compassionate individual who has called the Sea-to-Sky home for the past decade. JoJo’s journey is one of transformation, as he reflects on how he used to feel the need to “earn” his place in the outdoor community and how, through his work in the DEI space and the supportive trail running community in Squamish, he now believes that the outdoors should be a place of open invitation for all.


(2023, USA, 33 min)

Filmmaker: Kaki Orr, Rob Wassmer, Aidan Haley, Christina Lustenberger, The North Face
Advisory: Coarse language

Film Synopsis: In 2022, Hilaree Nelson, Emily Harrington, Christina Lustenberger, and Brette Harrington embarked on an expedition above the Arctic circle with a vision to climb and ski first descents on Baffin Island. What they found was a celebration of where they’ve been and of where they’re going - and the trip’s success was contingent not on what they skied but the time they had together.



(2023, USA, 11 min)

Filmmaker: Darby McAdams, Ashley Peel, Rush Sturges, McAdams Films
Advisory: None

Film Synopsis: In the tourism town of Livingstone, Zambia, a group of local men who make their living portering kayaks aspire to become safety kayakers on the Zambezi River. The proposed Batoka Gorge Hydroelectric Scheme threatens to flood the famous rapids of the Zambezi and eliminate river related jobs.


(2022, Canada, 8 min)

Filmmaker:Andrea Wing, Aline Mayerhoffer, MMGY Origin
Advisory: None

Film Synopsis: Leo, a sought-after rock star with a promising career, turns his back on the industry to pursue a life on the land with a herd of buffalo.


(2023, Switzerland, 26 min)

Filmmaker: Nicolas Bossard, MS PROD
Advisory: Coarse language

Film Synopsis: After having climbed the Eternal Flame route on Nameless Tower in Pakistan (6,200m), French BASE jumpers Eric Jamet and Antoine Pecher combine the ascent with one of the most beautiful BASE jumps imaginable. Following in the footsteps of pioneer jumpers from 1990, the duo of friends devour adventure and all it offers, beauty, power and anxiety all contribute to the experience.


(2023, United Kingdom, 5 min)

Filmmaker: Matt Pycroft, Matt Harmer, Harriet Sykes, Coldhouse Collective
Advisory: None

Film Synopsis: Morag, who doesn’t let being deaf limit what’s possible on the mountainside, believes that nothing should come between anyone and getting out there in nature. As a deaf climber constantly pushing the limits of possible, she lives that belief.


(2023, USA, 20 min)

Filmmaker: Chris Parr, Flutter Brothers Productions
Advisory: Coarse language

Film Synopsis: After winning the American Birkebeiner - the largest cross-country ski race in North America - Joe Dubay was disqualified for wearing the wrong bib. Now, 11 years later, Joe and his former roommate who lent him the bib -Chris - document their return to the Birkebeiner to pioneer a new sport: tandem cross-country skiing.

Program D

Sunday, March 10, 2024 2:00 PM (Doors at 1:30 PM)

*** Daylight Savings Time ***

All film selections and programs are subject to change without notice.


(2023, USA, 5 min)

Filmmaker: Maxwell Frank, Becky Gardner, WTB
Advisory: None

Film Synopsis: Mountain Biker Israel Carrillo shows us his hometown of Guanajuato, Mexico, and the difficulties and differences of being a mountain biker in Mexico.


(2023, USA, 14 min)

Filmmaker: Timmy O'Neill, Sarah Lee Steele, Well Travelled Collective
Advisory: None

Film Synopsis: Soundscape shares the sightless experience of climbing a mountain via echo location, touch and imagination. Soundscape features Erik Weihenmayer, a global adventure athlete and author who is fully blind, as he ascends a massive alpine rock face deep in the Sierra Nevada. Using expert camera work from Mikey Schaefer and emotive, novel animation from Scott Hassell and Mitch Pond to bring to life a concept by adaptive climbing pioneer Timmy O'Neill, the film is a surprising and soulful adventure.


(2023, Germany, 14 min)

Filmmaker: Lutz Stautner, Philipp Becker, El Flamingo GmbH
Advisory: None

Film Synopsis: The louder the glacier, the stronger the melt. The creaking, cracking and rippling is the voice of impermanence. Sound artist Ludwig Berger shows how important it is to listen to the world that surrounds us.


(2023, Canada, 35 min)

Filmmaker: Laurent Poliquin, Nicolas Roulx
Advisory: Coarse language

Film Synopsis: After years of preparation, a team of highly motivated Quebeckers set out on one of the longest wilderness expeditions ever documented. Stage one involves skiing in relentless polar conditions from Ellesmere Island to the Northwest Passage where the challenge was reaching the mainland. Cue canoes for a 2,000km journey across Nunavut and the Northwest Territories until they reach the first dirt road available where bikes are waiting to be pedaled 4,000km to Point Pelee in Ontario.



(2022, USA, 19 min)

Filmmaker: Colin Arisman, Oliver Sutro, Wild Confluence Media, Orvis
Advisory: None

Film Synopsis: Indigenous people and salmon have been intertwined for thousands of years in Bristol Bay, Alaska. The knowledge of harvesting, preserving, and sharing fish is as important here as any lesson in a book. Today, kids must not only learn from their elders how to fish, but also how to fight. For the last century, corporations have sought to extract the wealth of this rich region. Now Pebble Mine threatens to pollute the pristine headwaters of Bristol Bay. Can the next generation step up to defend the most prolific salmon run left on earth?


(2022, USA, 12 min)

Filmmaker: Max Erickson, Jared Zissu, Flylords, Fiska Media
Advisory: Coarse language

Film Synopsis: A story about a female fishing guide in the Adirondacks overcoming the hardships of battling cancer and losing her husband. She then takes a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Argentina where she is reignited with hope, passion, and life.


(2022, Switzerland, 12 min)

Filmmaker: Jules Guarneri, Benoît Goncerut, Cause
Advisory: Coarse language

Film Synopsis: This is the story of a young Turkish immigrant, destined to play football and take over his parents’ kebab restaurant. But one day, fate put a pair of skis in his way.


(2022, USA, 20 min)

Filmmaker: Bronwyn Hodgins, Savannah Cummins, Savy Media
Advisory: None

Film Synopsis: Rising out of the arid Mexican desert lies a 900ft ship’s prow of elegant limestone sporting a 9-pitch 5.13 established in the 90s by Jeff Jackson. A cutting-edge big wall free climb at the time, this route shut down hard men for years. Shrouded in mysticism, the bolts rusted, and the holds collected dust until a couple of young gals from Canada decided to give it a try.


(2023, France, 4 min)

Filmmaker: Jean-Baptiste Chandelier, Marine Pascal, EURL JB Chandelier
Advisory: Coarse language

Film Synopsis: Jean-Baptiste Chandelier takes his unique low-flying, ground-skimming art combining paragliding and filmmaking to a whole new level.